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Tulipmania, Goldrush, Realplayer, Cybercoin

What have these phenomena in common?

(T(17th), G(19th), R(20th), C(21th))

  • (1) Madness
  • (2) Stupidity
  • (3) Greed
  • (4) Dream on
  • (5) All of the above
  • (6) None of the above

Shoot, i didn't even mention the GrtCrsh of 1929

Shoot, I'm not doing justice to the true futurists

Yes, I prefer the bad over the stupid

Yes, I regret there's no KredCoin, yet

( by kred to Speculators at 2017-12-22 17:57:23 in Economics )

International money transfers? Worldremit beats your bank!

Domains, Hosting? Go Versio!

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