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Logic Programming in Python4

I'm missing Prolog. Yes, I'm a pythonista now. But I used to be a Prologisto.

Python is nice and forgiving. You ask for: Procedural, Functional, Objective, DataScience, ComputerVision, NLP. Whatever your needs, Python will serve you with grace. However, there is a missing link: logic!

Prolog - logic programming

That's why I propose the following "embedded Prolog" extension to Python4. Meet ProPy:

class Prolog(Logic):
    def __init__(Me):
    def add_code(Me, Some_prolog_code):
    def prove_goal(Me, Prolog_code2Prove):

ProPy at work

`` p=Prolog() errors = p.add_code(''' will_perish(X) :- human(X). human("donald"). human("khomeini"). human("hilary"). ')

conclusions = p.prove_goal(' will_perish(X). ''')

>> conclusions 'X=["donald","khomeini","hilary"]

Prolog for Dummies

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Programming in Prolog

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