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Mobile First with Weex (+Vue) or Vue and Quasar

VueJS: beyond React and Angular

Alibaba's Vue is

  • a well-designed front-end javascript framework
  • a serious alternative for Facebook's React and Google's Angular

Introducing Vue JS

A good introduction to Vue is here:

Vue resources

Vue hugs

  • Clean and Compact
  • Consistent
  • Light weight
  • Easy to learn

Install Vue


  • Use Vue and Quasar to build webapps and near-native mobile apps
  • Quasar is one of the most extensive and impressive Vue component frameworks
  • Build responsive websites, PWAs, hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) from the same codebase.

Quasar resources

###Quasar hugs
- abundant ui-patterns
- multiplatform (web,mobile) 

###Quasar kickass

Install Quasar for Development

WEEX: Vue for Mobile

  • Develop native Android and IOS applications with Weex.
  • Weex has Vue built-in

Weex resources

Weex hugs

  • Native apps for Android and IOS

Weex kickass

  • Weex lacks a vibrant community
  • Weex's Chinese roots show up in it's support ecosystem

Install weex

Set Up Weex Development Environment

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