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Let there be light (2017-06-12)

British kids saw some light last Friday. They voted T.May out realizing that the prime minister is a fake: a lying, chaotic, and bull talking halfwit and the most incompetent leader of our times (bar Twitty Donald).

Brittain Rules the Waves

All sense of reality is lost in a country that I love and admire. Against all odds Theresa hangs on (for now). She speaks and acts if nothing happened. I agree: not much happened.

  • No proclaimed super majority but not a majority at all. An election lost. A mandate lost. Stable became shaky. Strong became stupid. A tarnished leadership. The undisputed Best-Brexit illusionist merciless exposed as a trickster. A dame in denial against better judgement. An affront to fair play. Who cares? Just another blunder in a string of many.

Mother Theresa without Mercy

Her vocabulary lacks empathy. The supreme didn't give her much of emotional intelligence. Not to speak of IQ en SI. Jumping to conclusions?

Mayhem at Work

Theresa prefers silly slogans to strategy: `No deal is better than a bad deal`, yeah right. Her past performance shows: She acts first, thinks later. U-Turns? U-Turns presuppose a road and a direction. Sadly there is no Àutobahn to a sunny and happy destination. Only a Picadilly Circus where Theresa, Boris and the Lunatics compete in a `Tour de Follie`: a perpetual cycling race that nobody can win and everybody looses.

Mayhem to Be Continued?

What to expect next? TM keeps running the show? Expect: fiasco and disaster! I've seen: narrow mindedness, outdated provincial instincts, silly slogan strategies, IED politics, shocking ignorance, clueless communication. No mission, No vision, No strategy, No skills, No know-how. No sense. Flagrant incompetence.

The obvious inference

  • Not a bad deal, not a no deal, but an Ordeal

A Brexit as Hard as Hard Can Be

  • Common market? Bye Bye! Dadaistic consequences (for example: hard borders with truck traffic jams). Rising prices. Recession. Decreasing real wages. Increasing inequality. Multi-spectral disinvestment (classic and human capital). Unemployment. Decreasing productivity.

Outsiders will keep coming

  • End of migration? Forget it! How cynical? The key objective (significant reduction of migrant inflow) proved to be an illusion. Why? Simple: the economy needs them. We need them! Nobody likes a hospital without nurses. The powerhouses to be crave human capital. Or brains and talent comes to them. Or they move to the talent. They rightfully don't care about nationality, ethnicity, or whatever. Farmers need to harvest. And so on. Inevitably the interests of too many people powered by sound economic arguments will prove more powerfull than the foolish policies of 'strong and stable' leadership.

Cultural, Scientific and Diplomatic Degradation

  • A country and people so stupid and so obsessed with their baseless superiority will loose respect of the rest of the world (elite and masses)
  • Slum tourists flock `bargain` London (Nobody can blame them with 2 Pounds for the Euro)
  • Foreign (read Chinese, Indian) students will spend their parent's money somewhere else.
  • Exodus of the YAS (young, aspirational, smart). Provincial fossiles managed to destroy their future. What would you do? Suffer in your home town or thrive in Amsterdam or Seattle?
##Will be continued - - Leaving the UK in economic Mayhem ##Links - http://www.economist.com/news/europe/21716039-sooner-or-later-britain-will-face-trade-offs-between-sovereignty-and-access-norways-deal Think are are comes to my mind, Theresa U-turn but a Ill informed, Badly advised, narrow minded, clueless, shallow. and preferring in things as and with no clue in the matters like economics, foreign policy . mone of the most incompetent politicians,
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