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cytoscape.js :: Graph theory / network library for analysis and visualisation


  • In search for front-end-visualisation-tools to create multimedia web apps from a specification in YAML
  • I discovered Cytoscape (js)
  • http://js.cytoscape.org/

Download cytoscape-js from



I would like to create a interactive visual (multimedia) CV that

  • stands out
  • has unmatched persuasive impact
  • demonstrates my skill stack

A possible pipe line for creating a graphical web application:from a simple formal representation (by humans in YAML, by machines in JSON(P))

  • [FR] => (RS) => [WA]
  • (1) FR: Formal Representation declaring content, "form", flow
  • (2) RS: Roboshow turns (and updates) FR into WA
  • (3) WA: web application (or parts of the app, for example: fr.css, fr.js, frtemplate.htm, frmodule.py)

For Roboshow I suggested the tool chain (in: http://gutsup.com/oneletter/490):

Delving deeper into this tool chain:

  • Problem:
    • D3.JS is to low level and to intimidating

  • Solution:
    • Find better tools

In search for better datavisualisation tools (2017-08-05)

I came up with:

The Missing Link: network visualisation

  • I realized that something crucial was missing
  • Tools like google charts are geared to visualise tabular (quantative) data
  • I need a tool to render a semantic network of interrelated concepts (qualitative data)

More general:

  • I need a tool to visualize graphs (a network of nodes and edges)

Example of a graph (a simple spec of a simple tree)


Software Engineering


  • Software Engineering, BAckend, PYthon, PRolog, MYsql, MOngodb, FRontend, CSS, JS, RActive


  • (SE,BA), (SE,FR), (BA,PY), (BA,PR), (BA,MY), (BA,MO), (FR,CSS), (FR,JS), (FR,RA)

Filling the gap

In search for network visualisation I ran into CYTOSCAPE:

Cytoscape.js creates visualisations like

Cytoscape.js creates visualisations from a

  • network specification (nodes and edges) in JSON or other formalism

What happened previously

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Examples of graphics in the envisaged resumé

  • Coding Experience (Missing: size of bubbles represent relative time spend on programming)
  • Vision on software engineering (Wrong: to much text)
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